Video Streaming

The speciality about our technology is the live video broadcasting from everywhere to any place in the world just with the help of the mobile video platform. In contrast to the typical mobile service providers, which require at least a UMTS-net, avinotec broadcasts 15 frames per second on GSM basis.



A simple Front-End which is easy to handle for several applications worldwide and reliable with GSM


  • maximum reliability and steady video streaming: is available everywhere and you just need 2G net (GSM) – with 15 frames per second.
  • Easy and cheap: Streaming using mobile services in both directions with low costs because of low data flow
  • Up to date: streaming with up to date video and audio standards for every output device: 3G/RTSP, Apple-HLS, Quicktime, VideoLanClient(VCL)
  • Flexible and adaptable: easy and cheap using multi-applications, for companies and for private use, real-time videos, sharing of videos and data, bidirectional chat and social media functions



If you have a good signal you get the possibility to customize the size of your frame while streaming, e.g. QVGA(320*240),VGA(640*480) or even studio quality D1.

Avinotec offers a special deduction possibilities for streams and downloads.

If the broadcasting stops –e.g. no signal – the stream will continue at the exact moment again

You won’t need any extra software for watching live-streams, you just need an internet connection to be able to stream videos. But for interaction, e.g. video chat you will have to download and install an Android App.


Avinotec created their own MPEG-4 and AVC-Code (similarity to email service), which is able to provide every output device with video streaming as long as it is able to stream videos.


International standards for multimedia and mobile service:


Avinotec copes the needed standards of ISO,ITU-T,IETF,3GPP, etc. Therefore, we follow the paradigm the vendor independence and the interoperability between manufacturers. Our system is available on every phone using every mobile network.


We broadcast the video (inclusive audio) using GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3,5G), LTE (4G) and WLAN.




The authentication of the user is a main aspect of our mobile video software. It is our goal that non-unauthorised persons have not access to your webcam. Therefore, we protect the privacy of our users with our software.




Avinotec offers several forms of deduction types and systems for the payment. Avinotec has built up its system modular. Therefore, different deduction types are possible, e.g. we are able include PayPal in our system.



We can include several applications but it depends on the billing-system of our customer.

Refunding models are mostly project-orientated. Depending on your business, we will explain all the possible models for you.

Here is a list of possible deduction types. We can deduct live-streams and video-data sets. Following types are available:

  • Deduction one-time in a month for the user
  • Monthly deduction for the user
  • Deduction of used minutes (e.g. 5 minutes) of a camera
  • Prevention of simultaneously recall with more than one user
  • Deduction using a one-time payment e.g. event


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