Mobile TV


This business service concerns the traditional "On Demand" business, in which films, TV series or soaps, as well as news live or recorded, can be ordered and watched on your mobile phone with the help of aviontec. Because we compress the videos to mobile phone standards, no special player is needed.

Our stream is compressed so small that both the UMTS and GSM networks can be used without any problems. The initial switch-on time amounts between 1-10 seconds, then the live video or film plays fluidly and immediately, with a genuine 15 pictures per second. The time delay for a live transmission is normally around 3 seconds.

If there are gaps in the mobile network the transmission is resumed at the appropriate place.


Daily Soaps


You want to watch your favourite show, but you do not have a TV nearby? With the help of our software you can watch your favourite series by using your mobile device.




Be always informed and get the latest news. Take the time while you are waiting and check your newscast, live and mobile. So you can use your time wisely  for example during a train journey!





Do not miss your favourite soccer game, your alpine ski race, your triathlon, no sport event. Be live.