The target groups for this business service are as numerous as the possible applications. For private or commercial use - with avinotec you can informe yourself mobile and anytime about the safety of your family members, your house or garden, store depot or your business property.




avinotec offers the Mobile Security Solution Package for the monitoring of properties – for example weekend, holiday or summer properties, business properties, warehouses, garages or construction sites. Providing alerts to the owner and/or the appointed security company. Following the "building block principle", every prospective customer – even those who are not particularly technically minded - can setup their own individual security solution. Our solution is simple and scalable. Individual care becomes the standard.


Personal Security


Complete mobile solutions are possible for personal security. Together we find the right system solution, so you can be sure that your loved one is going to be looked after by the Camera Security. This system is good for care and vulnerable groups such as infants, the elderly and Alzheimer's patients.



Business Security


Advantages of mobile monitoring versus stationary monitoring:

A decentralized information system is helpful if there is a wide area to be covered; geographically dispersed operational areas and scopes of responsibility.

Mobile deployment troops and units within the German Federal Armed Forces, police and tactical organizational units must request information from stationary units at present. By scrolling through real-time camera pictures on a mobile phone, avinotec can offer

  • a decisive saving in time,
  • increased security,
  • a "real-time" basis for decision-making
  • the possibility to record.



Construction site protection


Two aspects are brought together here. On one hand the monitoring of a building site can provide an enormous potential for time reduction, since subcontractors must now proactively satisfy their tenders, and a succession of projects, involving several companies, can be optimized. On the other hand, insurance is minimized since monitoring limits the theft of material and machines and helps with resolving it when it does occur.





Examine your security situation in real-time and from any location. Avoid expensive false alarms in cooperation with your customer but inform immediately in case of genuine alarms. Besides the customer has the possibility have a look at the threat situation mobile by  generating it on the mobile phone.