Social Life


You want to share your own contents to reach as many people as possible? We support you, so your videos are available everywhere and at any time. Thus your target group is always up-to-date.


Events - Music Events


Music events in general, and especially musicals and rock & pop concerts are the show and the stage setting really important, even though the main interest is primarily in the acoustic entertainment. Naturally the audio quality is the key factor in this area of business.

To get the incomparable live experience of a concert,in particularly if the user can not actually be there, customers are ready to use their mobile phone to enjoy the event whatever their location is.

The user can select between several levels of audio quality. If the user is connected by GSM (2G) only, then the best tone quality is comparable to that of a telephone call (AMR-NB). For better tone quality (for example AAC 32kBit/s) UMTS is available.

Whatever the best audio quality, we ensure the listeners experience the concert live.

Usually we take the output of the event organizer’s mixing desk, and process them.

If desired avinotec can also manage the setup and arrangement of existing acoustic equipment.


User Generated Content (UGC) with Live-Video


The "Peperonity" platform from our partner Peperoni was enhanced by live video streaming and streaming of movies and download of films in different classes of quality.

Following the "building block" principle of the Peperonity Community each user can create their own homepage and insert cameras, movies, snapshots, where they want - user Generated Content UGC – all with live video.



mobile Diary


Furthermore, avinotec offers “community applications” such as for the transmission of internally generated videos of users on the smartphone of friends. This app is able to connect to other social networks, e.g. Facebook. So the user can share his content with his friends and family.