We all dream about traffic-free roads, plentiful parking places and safe commuting. We wish for information which is reliable and immediate enough for us to avert or avoid delays and dangers in traffic. With professional camera systems and an efficient and robust transmission technology (trouble-free, fast and stable) avinotec supports its partners today with a multitude of motoring information projects, which bring us  closer to this dream.


Web-based monitoring information portal / incident management


As today's motoring information (for example radio traffic reports) is still inaccurate because it is time-delayed, avinotec provides live pictures on the Internet, instead of graphic representations of help, and makes them downloadable to mobile phones for paying customers. avinotec is focusing not just on motorways, but also ring roads and the main urban routes. Automatic traffic lights, along with increased traffic volume, breakdowns, accidents, and other influences lead to ever slower-moving traffic resulting in substantial delays. Since there is often little traffic information about these sections of road, navigation devices cannot help the driver in real-time. avinotec can make a crucial contribution here and help relieve painful traffic journeys.

Since the summer of 2015, the portal of Straßen.NRW-traffic control center is informing about the current traffic and construction sites in North Rhine-Westphalia. More than 150 web cameras of avinotec show  the flow of traffic on the highways in the country - in real time on PC and mobile phones.

Straßen.NRW-traffic control center portal


Construction site management


avinotec can install video cameras with mobile transmission technology for observing construction site traffic and building progress. This enables faster intervention in the case of danger or if congestion develops, particularly with long-standing building sites. These can, if necessary, be operated self-sufficiently through the use of solar panels and fuel cells.

In addition information is collected over time about the handling of traffic on building sites - how construction traffic is affected by environmental influences, traffic volume, accidents or breakdowns.

avinotec supplies an important component for the planning of future construction. After being analysed and evaluated, this detailed information provides a sensible supplement for model calculations.

Emergency services and other emergency services can log in by mobile phone to installed building site cameras and call up information on the current situation at the building site. In this way, support can be provided as quickly as possible.



Construction site protection


Two aspects are brought together here. On one hand the monitoring of a building site can provide an enormous potential for time reduction, since subcontractors must now proactively satisfy their tenders, and a succession of projects, involving several companies, can be optimized. On the other hand, insurance is minimized since monitoring limits the theft of material and machines and helps with resolving it when it does occur.



Motorway parking lots at service areas


Who doesn't recognise the problem of trucks blocking the entrances and exits to motorway service areas in the evening and at night? To make life easier for drivers - especially truck drivers – and to simplify the search for a suitable motorway parking area for breaks, avinotec would like to transmit the current parking situation to the mobile phone of the truck driver. Video cameras - perhaps from a bird’s perspective at the top of a streetlight - can be called up by truck drivers from a web-based platform. Both existing cameras can be used and new cameras can be attached, for example for lighting installations / lighting columns, etc. Installation and maintenance costs can be financed by a prepayment or subscription model.



Tunnel monitoring


avinotec works with experienced and proficient camera manufacturers so we can offer low-maintenance models and models designed for difficult weather and environmental conditions as required.