Family Care


Over the next few years, the structure of the population - especially the european population - will change dramatically.

Since the seventies, the birth rate in Germany is lower than the death rate. Thus, the German population is shrinking steadily. Because of that and the fact that people get older and live longer, it creates the problem of an aging population. It follows that, there are more and more elderly people who need to be taken care of or nursed.

In order to fulfil these requirements, we need to find a solution for both the caretakers and the patients to support them in their daily lives.


Ambient Assisted Living - AAL


  “AAL assisted living” allows you to have a  self-determined and ambient assisted living in old age.

In particular, the term AAL means electronic support services and systems, which are designed to provide optimum support for the user by the latest in technology and engineering.

In most cases, the functionalities of the applications are not limited and concerned on the patient only, but also includes external professionals such as nurses and doctors, and especially relatives. Thus, the social contact with the surroundings of caretakers can be kept up.


The Online Platform for Caregivers - TOPIC


Caregiver support - In collaboration with Siegen University, University of Technology Vienna as well as other international partners from science and industry, avinotec develops the platform to support family caregivers in their daily tasks and to facilitate their work.

The basic ideas for this project are the lack of an integrated platform for social support and a gap of IT applications. Integrated platforms must cover all relevant aspects of the needs of the family of the patient and the caretakers. This project, supports elder people in the task of taking care of themselves. It supports simplifies all the duties of care taking and automates tehm.

Our use case: A caring daughter

Father and daughter live in different places. That is exactly why relatives and people who need care want a simple, appropriate online communication platform. Whether you set up one or more cameras at your family member’s home - the contact between both parties is set up quickly.

Our Showcase demonstrates how easily daughter and father deal with the solution.

Take a look on the clip



Funded by the Ministry
for Education and Research.




Research project "Cognitive Village"


avinotec pursued with the other research partners the aim to combine learning solutions and mobile technological solutions with the existing individual residential structure for older people and their social networks (Cognitive Village). With the help of new intelligent technologies, we want to ensure that the patient can enjoy the quality of life as long as possible in their usual home.



The consortium consists of avinotec, the University of Siegen, companies, local authorities, housing associations, welfare associations, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and foundations. The peculiarity of the project is that scientists and experts from different fields to work together.

avinotec is working on the development and adaptation of sensors, together with the industrial partners and the University. 
aviontec also takes care of the transmission of sensor data and the merged results between the different terminals (data streaming, etc.). 
avinotec and the Chair of the University of Siegen for Embedded Systems put together the most reliable and real-time hierarchical communications infrastructure by the various sensors and flexible sensing systems which integrated into the system architecture.

Further information can be found HERE


Funded by the Ministry
for Education and Research.




Training programs and live video chat


The platform provides a package of online services and applications. Caregivers get the opportunity to strengthen their mental and physical skills, and intensify their knowledge in the daily contact with the caretakers.

Furthermore, the platform provides an exchange with professional nurses, other caregivers or family members. Especially the (mobile) multi-modal access to the platform offers the access to information and anywhere. Multimodal means in this context, the possible use of mobile phones (smartphone), Tablet PCs, the normal computers as well as on TV sets extended with set-top boxes. The offered information and services  should be accessible anytime, from any location, to enable the best possible support in the daily routine of the caregivers i.e. nurses.