Many congresses, exhibitions and trade fairs are often accompanied by parallel events such as daily briefings or press conferences. It is impossible for journalists and other conference participants to attend all the meetings. Thanks to the the streaming of live meetings, avinotec makes it possible for each participant to "visit" all relevant meetings by mobile phone, simultaneously or later.

We also offer our technology to radio and TV broadcasters who can offer our service to their customers as an additional, mobile information path in addition to the Internet.

To manage the variety of languages at conferences and other events, we use the translated signal technically synchronized to the original.

For the transmission of conferences, general meetings or other events on mobile phone, cooperation is possible with companies offering IP-TV. An advantage for the customer as this can stand for an extensive facilitating of effort, furthermore it reduces costs and offers enrichment of existing core footage.


Congress / Conference


Conference participants can attend the conference mobile without having to be present on site by using the avinotec App. This saves travel time and allows also participation even if their schedule does not  permit it.


Press conference


Don’t miss a press conference ever again. Whether it is a financial statement press conference, or simply a report, you can participate live and get the information first hand.



Business Event


Keep your co-workers up to date with the latest information. Communicate new concepts to your globally dispersed sales team. Send ideas and information to any location from anywhere, which saves costs and allows your colleagues to use their time more efficiently.



Lecture / Seminar


You would like to join in a lecture but cannot find time for travel? You are on the way and don’t want to miss the seminar? Save the travel and logon live to the seminar by your mobile.





E-Learning by PC is an established and proven form of both core and supplementary learning in many contexts. The flexibility of E-learning for both schedule and location, combined with the individuality of coaching and face to face training, leads to optimized learning success and in the same time with lowers costs – it is  the so-called "blended learning".

Because mobile phones are now widely spread – smart-phones and PDAs are in everyday life – the next step of multimedia learning is Mobile Learning (m-Learning).

Mobile Learning makes new demands on the composition and structure of lessons. Learning units must be short and modular, because Mobile Learning is usually used in short phases for example while waiting.

avinotec understands both the didactical and technical challenges of mobile learning and can provide a solution to match your concept.