The starting point for possible projects is as diverse and as broad as the tourism industry itself. Therefore, our declared goal is to provide you, and your city or  your region, with unique and individual distinguishing features via our applications and service concepts.

Present your city, municipality or region in your own individual  personal style and inspire your guests with new service offerings, which take today’s mobile spirit into account. Give your visitors a memorable mobile experience!


The mountain calls ...


… tourist businesses in winter sport locations compete with the best prepared slopes, the most comfortable hotels and guesthouses, and a large variety of entertainment to suit the taste of any guest. Hopefully the weather is on your side as well.

Especially the most popular international destinations compete constantly against each other for market share and image. Always on the search for the newest trend, we offer the innovation that can make a real difference. Especially if there are more than one way to get on top of the mountain.

As an example, your holiday guests view the current situation at the lifts on their phone. Simply by selecting a camera (multiple choice “one out of ten”) they can check which station is actually worth visiting. The information, which they can see in real time is:

  • if there are spaces in the parking area,
  • if the queue for the ski-lift is short,
  • if there is an event going on and you don't want to miss the fun (aprés-ski, …).

Your guests can receive, whenever they choose, a live report on snow conditions, a weather update and other public information. That is how you plan a perfect holiday!


Service packages of avinotec


We help you to implement your expectations. You want to present yourself with already existing records? As well as offering independent picture production, avinotec can also use existing footage and clips, for example from local TV transmitters. The signal is taken by us and converted to send it to any mobile phone.

avinotec also integrates excerpts from TV travel magazines to create online travel guides for particular destinations, and then links in actual travel offers and live pictures. Combine lifestyle with individuality.

  • Live pictures and video-streams of tourist attractions, regional concerts, sports events or conferences e.g. pictures of beach volleyball, a marathon race, kite-surfing at Sylt, etc.
  • Online travel promotional offers matching the destination e.g. reservations by mobile for concert tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Link to community applications such as

  • Diary entries or video messages to friends with reports of their experiences and their recommendations.
  • A mobile travel guide for business travellers, who might not know the region but want to do something spontaneously.

Integrate local suppliers

  • Local media, such as the Internet platform "my city", or radio stations which report regional events, can be included in the application’s marketing.
  • state agents can send small property "advertising spots" to the mobile phones of potentially interested customers as a new mobile way of acquisition.
  • Current live pictures of the properties are presented in the form of a catalogue.



Advantages for tourist boards and offices


  • You can refer customers to events in your region in a more targeted way, because you can address the target group individually. Therefore, you increase the level of interest of potential participants and obtain higher numbers of visitors. This means you increase your income.
  • Events taking place on a seasonal or recurring basis benefit especially from mobile marketing.
  • Your city or region wins admiration from visitors because mobile services are evidence of your hospitality.
  • Your existing services and software solutions can be enhanced by our portfolio of services, but still look as if they stand on their own.