Associations / Memberships

ITS-Germany - German Association for Intelligent Transport Systems


ITS Germany is a consortium of technical administrations, scientific institutions and private and public companies, service providers and consultants in the fields of telematics and traffic management technology. The purpose of the Company is the wide promotion of development, planning, construction and operation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and their components. Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping is a member of the Executive Board and Vice President.




The competence cluster "Smart traffic and transportation systems ITS Hessen eV was founded in 2010 and currently consists of around 30 companies and universities. With the bundling the expertise of companies and universities that (ITS) have been active around the area of intelligent transport and traffic systems in Hessen. It should be an experience and knowledge potential merged and thus a more efficient transport systems are promoted. Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping has been Chairman of the Executive Board since 2018.




CampusSource provides research and development results - in this case the software developments of the participating state universities relating to the technical infrastructure to develop and operate virtual educational facilities which are vital as a basis for the use of new media in the area of education - free and at no cost to third parties under the defined conditions of an open source licence. Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping is a member of the Executive Board.