The topics of multimedia, telecommunications and operating systems have fascinated our team for more than a decade. This fascination is the reason why we develop system software in these fields.

For over ten years now we have focused on mobile telecommunication networks. Our goal was to be able to watch videos on the mobile phone. Live and in a reduced data format that even GSM networks (2G) are sufficient.

To bundle our knowledge and experience, we have established the avinotec GmbH in 2005. As a technical service provider - and now a full service provider - avinotec offers its customized solutions.


Team Competence


Managing director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Stepping gained extensive experience in MPEG-4 through his graduation thesis. His experience is kept current by his active participation in the MPEG working group of the ISO. He has acquired and developed fundamental knowledge in telecommunications and security in communications technology through his cooperation with Professor Dr. Kaderali in the chair for Communication Systems at the Distance Learning University of Hagen.

 In 2014 Stepping became professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof (Bavaria) for Mobile Software Development. The degree program Mobile Computing supports lectures around the software development for mobile devices, such as Smartphone Programming (Android).


Other team members have the background for the conversion of the video processing algorithms into the programming languages C++, DirectX, etc. thanks to development activities over many years for several large companies involved in telecommunications. Consultant activities with Oracle and Billing complete the multimedia theme.

avinotec’s team creates applications specifically for our customers. It may be a smartphone application in Java ME or Android or as an interface gateway in C#. SMS gateways, Premium SMS, Payment and Billing are also within our scope.


Areas of competence


"Live video streaming on mobile phones" is a clear statement that covers and defines the different topics in which we have technical competence and expertise.



Mobility & video


We stream videos (with a genuine 15 frames/second) conforming to 3GP over GSM mobile communications networks to mobile phones. avinotec  can transfer live content as a stream, and offer film download for every mobile phone and PC.


Networks & telecommunications


avinotec has experts in communication protocols for computer networks, telephony and mobile communications. The Internet protocol TCP/IP, as well as the real-time multimedia protocol RTP/RTSP, are used in our solutions.

Broadcasting practices such as multicast protocol are used in the same way as the protocols of the mobile telephony world (HSDPA, UMTS, GSM, GPRS) and the fixed network (ISDN, ATM, DSL).


Video - MPEG


Our team has highly-regarded expertise in the field of video processing. MPEG-4, AVC/H.264 and H.263-Video coding are actively and continuously used by us due to our ongoing participation in the appropriate committees of the ITU-T and the ISO. Audio codecs such as AMR and AAC are standard in mobile communications and are part of our expertise.


Software Development


avinotec offers its customers specialists who are experts in the technical areas of telecommunications, Web 3.0, distance learning and video processing. Starting with requirements management followed by analysis, design and development of object oriented software for the programming languages ANSI-C, C++, MFC, C#, Java, Java ME and Javascript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and Oracle.