The Open-Source-Initiative of the FernUniversität Hagen could enable a better intern connectivity with the Community. At the same time, structural changes ensured the way of CampusSource to the future. The event “research date and research management” in 2019 represented the current progress and the following topics. During the conference the member of the executive board Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping outlined the objectives that were achieved so far by the CampusSource since it started and also introduced future objectives. Prof. Dr.  Michael Stepping attended the FernUniverstität Hagen as a research associate and contributed to the CampusSource-Project “CampusContent” from 2006 until 2007. Current challenges are seen in technical requirements, as well as in the mobile usage, cloud integration, voice control and open source solutions.

For important topics of the event and further information about CampusScource see: 

Pressemitteilung der FernUniversität in Hagen.

The third German Tunnelkongress was hold in the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg from the 3rd until the 4th of April. The congress addressed the following topics:

  • digitalization
  • tunnel plans
  • tunnel safety 
  • tunnel cyber security 
  • tunnel operating technology 
  • tunnel headquarters

Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping, vice president of the ITS Germany e.V., moderated the program of Thursday morning. He hold a speech about tunnel operating technology. Furthermore, avinotec was exhibitor and sponsor of this great and successful congress. 

In 2019 again, there will be the most important exhibition in the world for mobile technologies in Barcelona. From the 25thuntil the 28thof February the Mobile-World-Congress 2019 will represent the entire range of technologies. avinotec will again be part of this exhibition in order to ensure continuous progress in technology, always be up to date and acquire new partnerships. We are looking forward to around 107.000 expected visitors and 2400 exhibitors and of course, hope to see you at the Mobile-World-Congress 2019!

On the 14th of 2018 the BMVI-Expertennetzwerk had their assembly for “traffic and infrastructure 2018” in the „Federal Ministry for traffic and digital infrastrucutre“ („Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI)“). Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping (CEO) and Jasmin Haas (Sales Assistent) of avinotec could take part in this successful and interesting assembly, in order to collect some important information about the following topics: 

  1. The improvement of the reliability of outdated infrastrucute 
  2. The improvement of the resilience of unusual events
  3. The improvement of environmentally friendly changes in traffic and infrastructure 

Also, avinotec underlined the importance of discussing topics, such as current developments and situations of working conditions with the 350 participants, who have their origin in policy, management, economy, research and development.