Darmstadt / Siegen, 20/05/2012 - Innovation for the summer kick-off:

Experience the Darmstadt Merck Heinerman Triathlon live on your mobile phone. All live video images from the annual sports event will be broadcast live from the track and will be available on the Internet and on mobile phones. Thus, viewers are able to follow all the actions live at home and along the track - with their mobile phone. The Internet address for the reception of the live event is http://sport.avinotec.de.

Siegen, 26/01/2011 - The Internet company avinotec equips together with the SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG Brunnthal video surveillance cameras with fuel cell technology and makes it completely independent from any location.

As part of a project to monitor highways the Internet company avinotec GmbH has established cameras along highways, to investigate the susceptibility jam or accidents in workplaces. Order to minimize the emissions of the operation as far as possible and Cameras to provide for extended periods without permanent power connection, all cameras on site with innovative and environmentally friendly EFOY of SFC Energy AG equipped. Thereby, the cost of the power supply is minimized and also an important Contribution to environmental protection. But there is more: the power to the camera using methanol for power supply is completely independent of existing power points

Köln / Siegen, 15/11/2010 - Live images on the mobile phone mean priority on the motorway: This is now available for the rescue teams to the A1 in Remscheid. From now on, this is before arriving or while driving on the traffic on the A1 and the A3 itself and decide which is the most favourable route to navigate. This possibility of anonymous traffic monitoring is a byproduct of the research project of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST), the Fraunhofer Institute, Straßen.NRW, and avinotec GmbH from Siegen. The traffic with all its particular features are included and can be found among others on mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs, but also on the PC by authorized persons.