Technical Partners

We are driven by the fun of technology and innovation. Our technical partners share this passion. Together we create new applications and optimise customer processes.

Of course, you can get the hardware directly from us.

Depending upon project expenditure, we arrange the technical equipment suitable for your budget and for the need, and advise our customers on technical characteristics and additional functionality of the selected equipment.


Fraunhofer-Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems IVI


"IVI" are active in congestion research and they complement the range of services offered by avinotec with their "Detektor" software for the recognition, tabulation and reporting of congestion, and the density and flow of traffic.




bSoft provides products and services targeted to the digital multimedia market. The key of our approach is providing software solutions designed to maximize portability, together with the expertise to customise and optimise them for specific applications.


Axis - camera manufacturer


Axis is known as one of the world's largest manufacturer. Axis cameras are available from easy mountable indoor USB cameras to professional IP cameras for outdoor usage.


Selea - camera manufacturer


Selea manufactures video monitoring cameras for professional use.

Selea is a small but very good manufacturer of IP monitoring cameras for most diverse applications. Aviontc is particular interested in their cameras with mobile phone connections.

License plate recognition and people / vehicle counting are other highlights of the technical finesse.


Mobotix - camera manufacturer


Mobotix manufactures video monitoring cameras for professional use. Mobotix is one of the leading manufacturers of standard IP monitoring cameras. With a large output (more than 4,000 per month) they are used worldwide under all environmental conditions.