The Heinermann Triathlon is making it on mobile – LIVE

Darmstadt / Siegen, 20/05/2012 – Innovation for the summer kick-off:

Experience the Darmstadt Merck Heinerman Triathlon live on your mobile phone. All live video images from the annual sports event will be broadcast live from the track and will be available on the Internet and on mobile phones. Thus, viewers are able to follow all the actions live at home and along the track – with their mobile phone. The Internet address for the reception of the live event is

This is made possible through collaboration between avinotec, an Internet company from Siegen, together with the organizers of the Merck Heinerman triathlons under the direction of Dr. Wolfram Pejas. Up to 4 cameras simultaneously capture all the sporting events and are transmitted through innovative streaming mechanisms on the internet and on mobile phones. The visitors require nothing more than a mobile phone to be there live – from anywhere in Germany and worldwide.

This year the Merck Heinerman Triathlon takes place for the 8th time in Darmstadt. The event includes a swimming distance of 1.5 km, cycling stage of 40 km and a walking distance of 10 km. This year there are many athletes and spectators are expected, as every year. There will be attractive prices for the winners.

The avinotec GmbH acts as a technical service and full service provider across Germany and internationally with turnkey solutions and complete solutions for the live transmission of video streams. The topics of multimedia, telecommunications and operating systems are fascinating the team of Siegen for more than a decade. In 2003, the company turned towards the mobile telecommunication networks. The motivation was to be able to watch videos on your mobile phone. Namely live and in such a small format that GSM networks (2G) are sufficient.