Traffic and infrastructure 2018 – 1st assembly of the BMVI-Expertennetzwerk

On the 14th of 2018 the BMVI-Expertennetzwerk had their assembly for “traffic and infrastructure 2018” in the „Federal Ministry for traffic and digital infrastrucutre“ („Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI)“). Prof. Dr. Michael Stepping (CEO) and Jasmin Haas (Sales Assistent) of avinotec could take part in this successful and interesting assembly, in order to collect some important information about the following topics: 

  1. The improvement of the reliability of outdated infrastrucute 
  2. The improvement of the resilience of unusual events
  3. The improvement of environmentally friendly changes in traffic and infrastructure 

Also, avinotec underlined the importance of discussing topics, such as current developments and situations of working conditions with the 350 participants, who have their origin in policy, management, economy, research and development.