A Hidden Revolution – Video cameras are now running with fuel cell technology

Siegen, 26/01/2011 – The Internet company avinotec equips together with the SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG Brunnthal video surveillance cameras with fuel cell technology and makes it completely independent from any location.

As part of a project to monitor highways the Internet company avinotec GmbH has established cameras along highways, to investigate the susceptibility jam or accidents in workplaces. Order to minimize the emissions of the operation as far as possible and Cameras to provide for extended periods without permanent power connection, all cameras on site with innovative and environmentally friendly EFOY of SFC Energy AG equipped. Thereby, the cost of the power supply is minimized and also an important Contribution to environmental protection. But there is more: the power to the camera using methanol for power supply is completely independent of existing power points

Dr. Michael Stepping, manager of the young mobile video specialists from Siegen, commented: „We have not initially on conventional Batteries left. The extreme temperature differences in the outdoor area and the possible long service intervals have led us to decide to look for alternatives. With EFOY technology we achieve service intervals of more than 6 months for our cameras across Germany established. This means lower costs, which we pass on to our customers, of course.”

avinotec GmbH as a technical service and full-service provider occurs throughout Germany and abroad with turnkey and holistic solutions. The topics of multimedia, telecommunications and operating systems fascinate the team victories for more than a decade. In 2005, the company has turned to the mobile telecommunication networks. The incentive was to see live video on your mobile phone to – and in such a small format that GSM networks (2G) are sufficient

SFC Energy AG (www.sfc.com) is the market leader for mobile and off-grid power on the basis of fuel cell technology applications serving the leisure, industrial and defense markets. As one of the technology pioneers, SFC has won numerous Innovation awards. SFC has alliances with leading companies in various industries.