The special feature of our technology is the live video transmission from any place in the world to any other place in the world using the Mobile Video Platform. In contrast to classic mobile phone providers, which require at least a UMTS network, avinotec transmits 15 images per second on a GSM basis.

Easy-to-use front-end for various applications, worldwide and reliable via GSM

With a better mobile connection, it is also possible to adjust the image size and then stream QVGA (320*240), VGA (640*480) up to studio quality D1 as resolution, for example.

avinotec offers application-specific billing options for streams and downloads.

If the transmission is impaired, e.g. by a radio hole, we continue the transmission at the appropriate place.

No additional software is needed to play live streaming; the phone only needs to be able to call up web pages and play videos. Only if interactivity is desired - i.e. video chat - an Android app is downloaded and installed.

avinotec has developed its own MPEG-4 and AVC codec (similar to that of a mail service), which can deliver a stream to any video-capable end device without knowledge of the end device.

International standards for multimedia and mobile communications:

avinotec masters the required standards of ISO, ITU-T, IETF, 3GPP, etc. Thus we follow the paradigm of vendor independence and interoperability between vendors. Our system works with all cell phones, on all mobile networks.

We transmit the video (including audio) via GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G), LTE (4G) and WLAN.


Authentication of the user is an essential core element of our mobile video solution, with the aim that no unauthorized person can access the data streams of the user's own webcam. Thus, with our application, the user's privacy is optimally protected and secured.



avinotec offers various forms of billing models and payment systems. avinotec has built the system modularly so that different billing models are possible. For example, the market leader PayPal can be integrated into our system at any time.

Depending on the customer's billing system, we create the appropriate connections for system interconnection.

Since refinancing models are partly project-related, they are presented and explained in more detail under the various business areas.

As an example, the following billing scenarios are possible. Live streams and video files can be billed. For example, the following models are available:

  • Billing of a user once a month
  • Billing a user as a recurring subscription
  • Billing of live videos of a camera according to time, according to used minutes (e.g. 5 minutes)
  • Prevention of simultaneous retrieval by multiple users
  • Settlement via "one-time payment" - e.g. events

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