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Different industries have very different requirements for their respective video information systems. This is where avinotec's range of services becomes apparent, as evidenced by a large number of references. In addition to public administrations (including road traffic), our customers include trade, events and industrial companies from a wide range of sectors.

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Straßen.NRW operates all state and federal roads as well as federal highways in the state of NRW of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Straßen.NRW is the operator of the largest road network in Germany. Due to the metropolitan areas with particularly increased road traffic as well as the limited spatial possibilities to expand the road network, innovative technologies for traffic information, forecasting and control are at the forefront.

Merck Heinerman Triathlon

The Merck Heinerman Triathlon has developed since its first event - the Heinerfest Triathlon on 01.07.1984 - into one of the most traditional triathlon sporting events in Germany. This historic event is managed by a team of "like-minded people" under the leadership of Dr. Wolfram Pejas.

Since 2009, the Merck Heinerman Triathlon has been regularly broadcast live and in real time by avinotec both on cell phones and on the Internet.

Duotec - Babyview

Duotec GmbH is a hospital equipment supplier and maintains first-class contacts in the medical and hospital sectors.

Duotec installs and services hospitals with our joint product "Babyview". A man who has just become a father wants to proudly present his newborn offspring - to his family living far away as well as to friends. With the "Babyview" solution, the newborn baby can be viewed both on the Internet and on the cell phone - personalized, of course, and thus protected from access. angeschaut werden.

Adesso - Mobile

Adesso - Mobile specializes in the development of mobile solutions and the implementation of mobile marketing measures.

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